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Our helpdesk performance in February

System Availability

99% Uptime

01% Planned downtime

00% Unplanned downtime

Issues Resolved

98% Initial call / email

01% Within 24 hours

01% 2 days or more

Our performance over the last 6 months

% System Availability

% Tickets resolved within 24 hours

We don’t fix IT problems.
We solve them.

IT Services

Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Maintenance and Repairs

Upgrades and Procurement

Virus and Spyware Infection Removals

Support and Training

Email, Collaboration and Cloud services

Internet and Connectivity

How we helped with…

…slow internet performance.
We helped a recruitment agency overcome poor internet service by combining 4G mobile internet with their current ADSL internet. By bonding two different internet services we were able to eliminate internet drop outs that they were experiencing. The increased speed also meant that staff now spend less time waiting for CVs and job descriptions to download and more time screening candidates and booking interviews.
…email problems.
This start-up law firm was constantly running out of quota on the mailboxes supplied by their website hosting company. We analysed their email habits and migrated them to hosted email. Emails are now automatically backed up every night and they enjoy shared calendars and contacts so the office manager spends less time chasing Partners for contact details and availability and more time coordinating and planning their day.
…file and data storage.
With over 30 freelance designers working from around the world, this design and branding consultancy was pushing their dropbox account to its limits. We created a private document repository and set up access control for designers and clients so that they can exchange files by simply dragging and dropping them to a folder on their desktop. We also introduced versioning allowing the client to roll-back to previous versions of a file as well as keeping track of ‘who, what and when’ changes were made.
Disasters happen.
When it does, we make sure
your IT does not let you down.

Risk Management

Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Continuity

Threat Protection

Security and Access Control

How we helped…

…keep market sensitive deals private.
We run monthly penetration tests for this client in order to protect their £7bn+ property and asset portfolio. We are proud to say that a single tender or deal has not been leaked in the past 6 years.
…keep the business running during a power outage.
In response to damage caused by a flood, we built a redundant server which can be activated on demand for this multi office estate agency. Now they have access to email and property management systems even if their head office goes off-line.
…meet Compliance & Auditing requirements.
We helped a leading West London law firm exceed the requirements for Lexel Risk Management. By implementing regular off-site backups and bi-annual IT disaster recovery tests they now have indemnity against data loss.
From conference calls
to mobile apps.
We ensure you get the most
out of your telecoms investment.


Analogue, Digital and IP lines and services

Business phone systems

UK and International phone numbers

Inbound call management

Call recording, reporting and wallboards

How we helped…

…reduce phone lines and line rental fees.
By moving from analogue phone lines to IP telephony we were able to reduce number of lines for this busy dental surgery by almost half. The practice manager can also log in from home to check voicemail or update the holiday message. Visitors to their website can also place calls from their web browser.
…keep multiple sites connected to each other.
This leading ironmonger has 3 workshops, 2 showrooms and over 35 retail outlets across the UK and EMEA. Maintaining an internal telephone directory was becoming difficult so we set up a hosted phone system and assigned 3 digit internal extension numbers for each outside number.
…customers keep in touch.
This software house has offices in 3 continents and wanted an easier way for clients to contact them. We set up a virtual 0203 number that routes calls to the appropriate office depending on the time of day. Now clients only need to remember a single London number that costs less than an 084x number.